About us..

Optimum Barok Limited, established in 2018 with RC number: 1545813, is an Engineering, Procurement, and Construction company in the Oil and Gas, Construction, Marine, and Energy Sectors.

Our staff comprises of experienced technical professionals, project managers, and engineers, allowing us to deliver top-notch services and products at competitive rates. Optimum Barok provides top-notch supply chain management services to a wide range of clients, enhancing their businesses and operations with ongoing value additions thanks to its strategic partnerships and alliances.

Our clients are among the major oil and gas exploration & production and marginal field operators. Our Company’s procurement solutions for the oil & gas industry encompass strategic sourcing, category management, and much more.


We are in the business to provide goods and services to the Oil & Gas industries using engineering and logistics best industrial practices while
protecting the environment.


To be recognised as the premuim indigenous oil and gas service
provider driven by excellence and

Core Values

Strengthen client base by ensuring excellence and innovation in service delivery
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We are a company with specialized resources for planning and execution of various levels of different projects in the oil and gas, marine, and construction Industry.

Optimum Barok Limited is a specialist in engineering and industrial products supply in Nigeria. The applications we support across industries include instrumentation and control, safety systems, oilfield tools, chemicals and lubricants, IT solutions, pipeline materials, static and rotatory equipment, construction, project management, etc.

Our services are rendered with optimal levels of safety, quality and timely delivery.
At Optimum Barok, we strive to meet our client’s needs using the most advanced industry technology and innovative ideas.  We are a procurement company incorporated under the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria for consulting and contracting on specialized engineering services. It is our aim to use resources from Nigeria (materials and personnel) where available and an acceptable level of quality can be guaranteed. It is the aim of Optimum Barok Limited personnel and supplier to meet and maintain the quality, safety and reliability standards as stipulated.

We have  a virile and very dynamic workforce that we like to
refer to as our strength. This is line with our mission to recruit, retain and reward a highperformance workforce.
Creating an environment that supports profession.
This hardworking, virile and dynamic workforce is managed and controlled by a group of highly competent management team with tons of experience in the petroleum sector, giving our company an edge over others in terms of productivity and service delivery to our shareholders and clients respectively.

We have a qualified system for accessing key skills and experience to ensure that our staffs and consultants have significant and relevant experience relative to the job they are assigned. The company ensures continuous development of our team and allocates significant resources to various unique training and development programs.

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